Native American Trading Post
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Native American Trading Post
3971 South Redwood Road
in Salt Lake City, Utah


Step back in time . . .
and sample a bit of Indian America.

Native American Trading Post has provided unique, quality Native American Indian craft supplies to artisans, crafts people and historical re-creators since 1957. We are located in the heart of the beautiful Salt Lake City.

On our web site you will find a huge selection of inventory for beading projects, Native American Indian crafts supplies, historical re-creation and Indian artifact reproduction projects. Use the search to find what you are looking for, or click on our online products link to see all the product categories available. For a direct link to the products you are looking for, click on one of the headings below.
We offer Native American Weaponry and old jewelry/beadwork as well as beautiful new work, all authentic Indian-made goods. Some made here on the premises.

Send us an E-mail if you are looking for something special, maybe we can help you with that certain gift for that special someone.

Beading Supplies
Find everything you need for your Native American Indian beading projects including Japanese seed beads, Czech beads, Italian beads, and contemporary beads. Take a look at our vintage and old stock beads, antique beads, trade beads, white heart beads, and much more in our extensive collection.

Craft Supplies
Our craft supplies include everything you could want for your project Ė silver and brass conchos, bells and metal beads, sinew, trade cloth, chainette fringe, flat fringe, abalone shells, and much more.

Botanicals and Tobacco
For the project that requires natural botanicals, youíll find what you need here. Our selection includes sweetgrass, sage, lovage and pilot plant. In the tobacco category, check our tobacco varieties and pipestone.

Hides, Hair and Feathers
At Native American Trading Post we carry everything possible for artifact reproductions and muzzleloader replicas. Donít miss our complete line of animal furs including coyote, fox, wolf and ermine. Animal skins, imitation golden eagle feathers, hawk feathers, quills, sinew, tooth and claw Ė you can find it here.

Finished Arts and Crafts
We also carry a complete line of one-of-a-kind authentic Plains Indian beadwork, quillwork and craft items. Here you can find completed Native American beaded amulets, jewelry, moccasins and more. All items are unique so if you donít see what you are looking for, contact us for photos of other available pieces.

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